Year of Gratitude - Day 4 - B*tches Brunch

The inspiration for starting my year of gratitude came from many places. One was a book called Life is Meals. It's a book of days for the foodie, but also the lover of history and knowledge. This book made me reflect on my book of (food) days and I fondly recalled my first B*tches Brunch. This brunch was created by a dear friend who wanted to invite her female friends over and start the new year off right by sharing intentions and letting go what doesn't serve you. We've done it for a few years now and it is cleansing each time.

Basically, it's about 10-12 ladies who get together at her house. Everyone brings a dish, from Bloody Mary fixin's to the annual spinach frittata. Then after our plates and glasses are full, we sit around and reflect on what we want to let go for the year and what we'd like to work on for the next. This has been such a great group to be a part of. Some of these ladies I see just a few times a year, but we have shared such deep conversations, such personal and intimate stories, that we are bound by the healing effects of friendship. This last year we instated No Britches B*tches Brunch, a mid-year, summertime regroup. Same idea, except it's in the summer and pants are optional.

Food, drink and friends - what more do you need?

For anyone that cares, my dish this year was a Corn Souffle with cream cheese. It was a hit and very easy to make. Next time, I'm totally adding green onion.

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