Year of Gratitude - Day 3 - Immigrant Memoir

There is really something amazing that happens when you get a bunch of immigrants in the same room. For many years, I read about the immigrant experience in history books and novels. I didn't realize that I was living the immigrant experience until I joined an immigrant memoir writing group in the spring of 2009. Around that time, I wrote an online feature for Newsweek about libraries. This was one of those moments where I felt I wrote something great, but felt the editors really cut it up and ended up getting very good feedback about it anyway.

For the writer in me, positive feedback is the finest reward. Once I saw how many people liked it, I wanted to share it with a few of my professors from University of Michigan-Dearborn. One of those professors was Dr. Stockton. He wrote back (through good ole Facebook, of course) and suggested I join his newly developed immigrant memoir writing group. Since then, I have had the pleasure of meeting all kinds of wonderful people that come from every corner of the world. Our shared experience is incredible and we all should be thankful to Dr. Stockton for helping us meet each other and getting our experience on paper.

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