30 Days of Gratitude: Day 9 - Whistleblowers

Being from Detroit, I'm no stranger to whistleblowers and I'm grateful for them. Ultimately, it was after former police officers Gary Brown and Harold Nelthrope becoming whistleblowers that led the corrupt mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, to resign from office.

Yesterday I was catching up on podcasts and heard this episode of Democracy Now! about how Edward Snowden was a patriot. While it might not be a popular opinion to some, I agree with that. This podcast had on four other whistleblowers to talk about their trip to Russia to meet Snowden and give him an award. It was enlightening to hear their stories. You don't think about what these people had to sacrifice to take on an entire government. This is some real spy stuff!

In the past, I've shouted out to Anonymous, too. Snowden was a single man that caused all sorts of chaos. Anonymous is a whole bunch of men and women who have similar abilities and who can take on even bigger powers in bigger ways. Like I mentioned in another post of gratitude, it's good to know that SOMEONE (even if they are indeed anonymous) has the little guy's back.

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