30 Days of Gratitude: Day 19 - Music

If I didn't have the people I do in my life, I would have some pretty awful music taste. I mean, I still do have terrible music taste, but it's been evened out by good stuff. The other day, my iPod took me on a trip down memory lane. Here are my memories:

"Shorty Swing My Way" from the album So So Def Bass Allstars Volume 2
This song reminds me of my high school girlfriends and I. We'd often driving around in my car, the famous (in Dearborn Heights) silver Cougar, cause trouble and listen to music loudly. This album got tons of play.

Anything by Bjork. I listened to a lot of Bjork when I was writing for the Detroit Red Wings. Songs like "The Hunter" always take me back to my days and nights at Joe Louis Arena.

"Beauty and the Beast" by David Bowie. This song always reminds me of the time I found that my bike rack was one of the cheaper types. Essentially, I hit a pothole going about 80 miles an hour and half the bike popped loose. I managed to pull over (in the DEEP Detroit ghetto) and secure my bike. To this day I'm still grateful that bike didn't fall off and cause havoc on the freeway.

Peanuts music just makes me feel great. I'm getting into the holiday spirit with the Peanuts, too. Vince Guaraldi was a genius.

Also, I love the healing property of music. Just yesterday I heard a story on NPR about how when JFK was assassinated, the CEO of an orchestra came out to the audience and said that some of the musicians didn't think they should continue. The CEO said when his father died, he went to the orchestra and it helped him. He wanted the audience to have the symphony help them through one of the most tragic moments in American history.

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