Running Diaries: Week 3 & 4

Week 3 - 7.17 miles ran, 1.98 miles walked
Week 3 made me realize that I have to start waking up early to get in some running. Saving any exercise for after work is risky. One day, when I had the time and sunshine, I ran 4.5 miles. The other days - with no sunshine and no time - I was a lame-o. Running is not yet systematic for me on weekdays. After my long run, I was quite sore, but started icing right after the run and that totally helped. I haven't started eating differently, nor have I been drinking sports drinks and I'm managing pretty well. Still eating too many empty calories, but one step at a time.

Week 4 -  3.8 miles ran,  2.2 miles walked
This was a super crappy week for running. The week started with the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing, which was a very surreal situation to watch unravel. Again I realized that I had no time or motivation to run in the afternoons. While I got some cross training in, I skipped four weekdays of running! I finally got my act together and put in miles over the weekend, but it was a run with a couple walking minutes. I was a little surprised that the next day I had virtually zero sourness and only some stiffness. It was this week when I actually was craving a run. Taking so much time off, though, makes that first run back a total pain in the ass (and feet and legs). 

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