Running Diaries: Week 5 - Food before right before running = poor idea

Week 5: 12.33 miles ran, 2.84 miles walked

Running can really mess you up. While the injury list is long and bad - knee and ankle pain, chaffing, stiff muscles, dehydration, toenails falling off - there's something that could be even worse. A buddy told me that sometimes, more often than you think, people will accidentally go number two while running. OMG.

While I thankfully did not experience this, I will never again eat a big ole breakfast, guzzle coffee and decide to go on a long run again. Two miles into the run, my belly started sending messages to chill out. After a few minutes of walking, though, everything settled down and I was able to finish good run. 

Upon my return home, I decided to look up some info on what to eat (and not eat) before runs. Found a few helpful articles online about chowing down and running. Basically, they say you should eat about 90 minutes to two hours before a run, especially longer runs. 

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