Running Diaries: Week 2 - Am I hurt already?!

Week 2 - 9.13 miles ran, 3.09 miles walked

Thankfully, I did not hurt myself, which surprised me, really. I did experience a whole new set of pain, though. You know that first time you do Pilates or yoga, you feel sore in all sores of muscles you never really paid any mind? Well, running has made me quite aware of my left lateral collateral ligament. Luckily, I rested it and was able to get a nice couple of runs in, increasing in mileage from the last week.

Week 2 weather was not pleasant. The wind gusted at least 15 miles each day, it seems, but at least it wasn't raining or snowing. Today there are 30 mph winds and a downpour or two.

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