Web Goodies: Economy, Detroit, Philly Fan v. Palin

Economics 101 and Financial Crisis Guide - Here's all (and probably more) than you ever wanted to know about the economy, the global markets and finance. Kudos to Kristiana Burk, a former librarian and teacher, for creating the guide. Thanks to T-Bone for passing this link along.

Stuff about the D - I've had an eye for some solid Detroit-area news and I found it in a few places:
  • Detroit Today - I love WDET. Always and forever. This is a great podcast to have, but I've noticed it doesn't always download with haste. The show is on Monday through Friday from 10am-12pm on 101.9 WDET or you can listen to the live stream at http://www.wdetfm.org/listenlive/.
  • Think Detroit - Let's just say that I really, really like this Cooper person. Cool and interesting information about the D.
  • The Incorrigible City - This is a neat blog and has quite a few excellent sidebars. These sidebars are all about Detroit. Well worth a look.

Get ready for Pechu Kachu Night Detroit - Part Deux on November 24
- venue TBA (very mysterious). I discovered the photographic artwork of Amy Palomar at the last one in August. Check out her pictures on Flickr at AmyPalomar.com. You can also see her MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/cherrybrooklyn.

Palin gets booed, drops puck at Philly Flyers game
OK, so this might show my true colors, but hey, I'm not the only one that thinks everything about Sarah Palin is friggin' hilarious, including this fantastic video of her being totally booed by Philly Fan. And that's solid booing, boy. Well done, Philly Fan. Maybe you're not so bad after all.

I'm sure the following questions aren't exclusive to me. Like who the hell thought, "Yeah, Philly Fan is going to adore Sarah Palin - let's have her drop the puck guys!" I almost feel that it's a cruel joke by someone in the Flyer's organization. And it was genius. When you hear the first boos, it's a wonder that Philly Fan wasn't scaling the glass. It sounded like they were ready for a beat down. Not a happy bunch that night.

My second question is: what's up with kissing everyone Sarah Palin? The winking was quite enough, thanks. I don't need you planting your kisses all over the NHL. They have enough problems, yo.

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Christine said...

I can't wait for Pecha Kucha night II! I hope I'm in town for it!!!