Simultaneous sweet and sucky Sunday: Nine Inch Nails albums

Today's simultaneously sweet and sucky thing I discovered was the fact that there are NO Nine Inch Nails albums available through MelCat.org (with the exception of those I own). That's sweet because it indicates people are rocking out to the oldies but goodies. Of course, it's also sucky, because I cannot enjoy the goodies. I mean, come on, Pretty Hate Matchine? March of the Pigs? That's good stuff. But, I shall be the good little librarian and wait my for my stinkin' turn.

I'm well overdue to see a dang NIN show.

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Mary Nicole Lane said...

Which ones are you looking for??? I can burn you a copy, or let you borrow the one yr after. The Fragile is a must have. Also, SPL has the latest, Ghosts I-IV, do you have that one?