Quick Yoga Tips: Relax or Energize

After putting together a New Years Resolutions display at the library, I came upon this book that made me kind of laugh. It was called: Yoga Secrets for Business Success by Arshan Singh Khalsa. For the time that it spent on the display, no one ever looked at it. I was changing the display (to Mafia and True Crime :) and in the end, I was the patron who checked it out. Strangely enough I found some interesting stuff, but the next two tips were the coolest. I haven't tried them, but the damn book is due and I've renewed it like a million times. Hence, this will be my little place to look back for a reference. Let me know if either technique works for you. I might recommend checking the book out also. It's got a lot of interesting stuff to help you get through the day.

Click on this lil' picture to RELAX:Click on this lil' picture to ENERGIZE:


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