Podcasts: Business, Housing, Politics, Corporate Thievery

I was listening to a few podcasts today and thought I'd share some little bits and pieces I jotted down. Notice: all these podcasts rock. You should listen to them.

Moneyfile Podcast:
Trading in your old computers can get you some money while helping you preserve the environment. You want to backup all your stuff and then wipe your hard-drive. Laptops are worth more than desktops.

Wall Street Journal podcast:
Small business owner discusses how he keeps his business afloat in hard economic times like these: provide information seminars. Another part of this podcast talks about why the American Small Business League is angry. Bascially huge corporations are finding loopholes to count themselves as small businesses in the United States. This means that the big corporations are gobbling up Federal funds and leaving actual small businesses in the dust. For example, if a small business is bought out by a huge business, there is a stipulation that the huge business can maintain its small business status for 20 years. BAE is a huge corporation that has gets small business benefit from the U.S. Government up to $250 million dollars. This type of widespread fraud can land someone in jail for 10 years, but no one, or at least very few, have been prosecuted. The podcast works well in iTunes, but is funky otherwise, hence, read more about the American Small Business League's battle in the article SBA wants new Judge in Lawsuit Over Inflated Contracting Data.

And good news for Detroit - a study by
Radar Logic says the housing slump has almost hit rock bottom, meaning the only place you can go is up. Congrats. LISTEN.

Fidelity Personal Finance podcast:
This was a great podcast that discussed avoiding all kinds of fees: from late credit card payments to ATM withdrawls, etc. The podcast was called, "Avoiding Banking mistakes." This and a bunch of REALLY good podcasts can be heard HERE.

Meet the Press podcast:
Governor of PA offered to help raise money to have a revote in Florida and Michigan, since so many people weren't counted.


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