Year of Gratitude - Day 303 - They Softly Walk

The outpouring of love I have experienced recently has been a true gift of comfort. Today I received a card with excerpts of Hugh Robert Orr's "They Softly Walk" written inside. It is so perfect and comforting. I am grateful for such thoughtful people in my life, especially now.

They Softly Walk - Hugh Robert Orr

They are not gone who pass
Beyond the clasp of hand,
Out from the strong embrace.
They are but come so close
We need not grope with hands,
Nor look to see, nor try
To catch the sound of feet.
They have put off their shoes
Softly to walk by day
Within our thoughts, to tread
At night our dream-led paths
Of sleep.


They are not dead who live
In hearts they leave behind.
In those whom they have blessed
They live a life again,
And shall live through the years
Eternal life, and grow
Each day more beautiful
As time declares their good,
Forgets the rest, and proves
Their immortality.

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