Year of Gratitude - Day 42 - Working with students

In my role at UM-Dearborn, I am the adviser for the Student Philanthropy Council. Working with students is a lot of fun and a different dynamic than working with graduates and professionals. It is very gratifying. I work with very bright and dedicated students. They are so much more mature than I was in my early twenties!
 Yesterday we wrapped up the #DearbornDifference campaign with Tuition Freedom Day. This day signifies the day that if we didn't have external support, the tuition dollars would run out. Each year the tuition runs out earlier and earlier and this year it would have dried up February 10. We posted signs with facts up all over the campus sharing how important volunteers and donors are to the campus.

We had a great day, played a lot of games and had a lot of fun while educating the campus about philanthropy.

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