30 Days of Gratitude: Day 29 - Literacy

No humble bragging here - I am happier than heck I can read. While I'm not sure in what context, I had a discussion about how terribly difficult it would be to go through life, especially adult life, without being literate. You can't read fine print. You can't double check your grocery receipt. You can't read signs. You can't order from a menu at a restaurant. There are so many things that are taken from you when one can't read. I'm sure this is why historically religions and political establishments didn't want a reading populous. Reading leads to education, to thinking critically. It takes your mind to another level. 

After long last, I have picked up a few books to read. Strangely enough, one is on statistics and it's pretty good! Written by Charles Wheelan and called Naked Statistics. It's an easy read and if you can manage to slog through a bit of math here and there, the concepts can be grasped by anyone. This is the beauty of reading. I can return to concepts that I didn't understand before and READ through a narrative that helps me wrap my head around mathematics. 

Reading can take you anywhere. When I am ready to start putting in volunteer hours again, I think adult literacy would be my first stop. You can volunteer in the tri-county southeastern Michigan area. Learn more:

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Katrina Parisi said...

I am so glad that someone has recognized the gift of literacy and the need to be eternally grateful for it. I honestly take reading for granted as I've just become accustomed to encountering it my daily life. After reading this, I can't even imagine how I would go about everyday if I didn't have the ability to read. I refer to literacy as a gift because it serves as a direct access to knowledge and lifelong learning. Reading also serves as a temporary escape from
the perils of everyday life. With the rise of technology, I often fear for the future of writing, books and stories. With that that being said, it is crucial that we promote the huge investment of literacy within society. Next time I find myself complaining about having to read something I'm not particularly excited about, I will certainly think twice. Thank you for your that!