Wikipedia: Redefining Research (infographic)

A bit troubling to the librarian in me, but incredibly interesting.

Via: Open-Site.org


pandamans said...

I wonder where they pulled that figure for declining library use...can't figure out how they cited their sources.

pandamans said...

Ok. I actually strained my eyes to read it. One library, the Concord Library.

And in that same article: "Libraries across the nation have seen more people using their services in recent years due to the recession, the American Library Association said earlier this year in its annual "State of America's Libraries" report."

Infographics are pretty, but dangerous.

Lastly - Never read the comments.

Eva Gogola said...

I suppose I never thought about who is tracking all the usage. I know librarians are pretty intense about keeping stats, but is ALA really where it's all collected and reported? And it's not so much the declining use of libraries that bothers me as much as the increased use of Wikipedia.