Visuals: Barack Obama's first 100 days

On a recent bike ride I heard an Economist podcast about President Barack Obama's first 100 days. One of the commentators mentioned that judging a president's term in office by their first 100 days is a little peculiar, but that Obama had done alright nonetheless. Soon after that I was browsing through Google Reader, I discovered a video essay and a gallery of pictures taken by Callie Shell, a photographer who I find is unbelievably talented. The essay is great and gives the viewer a really intimate look into the first family.

It's heartwarming. You can see that the President is so refreshingly human. He grips footballs in meetings. He tenderly holds his wife as they dance. He smiles a broad smile. He holds his head in his hands. In the evenings, he goes to his private office to read letters from citizens. He then writes responses by hand. HANDWRITTEN REPLIES? Wow. The video and photos are just stunning.

It is strange to be in a position where I like the President - no, no - LOVE the President. For a few weeks surrounding the Inauguration, I had to correct myself when grumbling about President Bush. The grumbling was a daily habit formed after the 2004 Presidential Election debacle. It grew worse and more negative as the Administration continued its tragic reign. I follow politics and have disdain, at least a little, for most politicians. Not for the President, though. No, I would follow that man and his family into the fire.

Sidenote: Rahm Emanuel looks like he wants to kick ass all the time.

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