Genealogy rules. No, wait. It sucks...errr, rules?

As a graduate student at Wayne State University, I sort of stumbled upon the glorious world of freelance research, a path that has led me to genealogy. I've picked up some assignments from a few law firms and now I'm working with my third client and his request involves finding people's heirs. After putting in some work and then stepping away from it, I think it's pretty darn cool. It's quite puzzling, but I think the challenge makes it fun. Making order out of families, especially when it's not your own family, is like trying to tackle a scavenger hunt and cross-word puzzle hybrid. I guess figuring families out always involves difficulty.

This kind of research does take time, though I got used to it pretty quick. And genealogy takes some serious curiosity. I'm not entirely sure why I was so into it, but I know that each time I thought I was done, I found something new. Each little bit motivated me to do more. The step I'm working on now is putting all these people in to a great big ancestral chart, so I'm hoping I'm not stuck under those before long.

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