Writing muse won't take "no" for an answer

While listening to NBC Nightly News, I learned about a nonprofit group called Girls Write Now out of New York City. They basically help enrich at risk young women that want to be writers. It was an inspiring piece and it gave me some ideas, but I'm not sure where to take them just yet. Should I start a writing group? Should I join one first? Can I offer up a writing tutor service (yeah, like I need MORE jobs)? Should I teach (again, more jobs)?

Lately I have found people coming into the library and asking me about writing. I love writing and I love talking to people about their writing. They want to know what word would I use, how would I say this sternly without sounding angry, what should their argument be and all kinds of other questions. It's exhilarating to bounce ideas off someone and to see their eyes light up when you mention something that guides them to the next word, sentence, paragraph. Whether I'm helping a 7-year-old with his short story or helping a college student shake out a thesis on people's tightly held traditions, I am happy. Helping people with their writing is one of my passions.

This passion almost makes me want to become a college English teacher, but I don't know if I have that in me. I'm really into writing. It excites me, but I'm not sure how I would react to distinerested students. Plus, I have no mercy on bad writing, so I'd probably fail a bunch of people and start a hubbub. I would call it tough love.

I have this little voice in my head. It's the muse that helped me write the Newsweek article. The muse allows me to help others write. It's the muse that pushes me to seek more writing projects. I have a running list of "To-Write" items. I can't shut her out. She is strong and will not take no for an answer. Of course, I will find some kind of outlet, but I wonder what it will be.

Here is the NBC News clip from last night. Perhaps Detroit could use its own chapter of Girls Write Now?

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Symo said...

One of the reasons I started my blog was that I needed an outlet to write. It's not the perfect medium, but it gets me thinking and writing.

My point? Hmm... hold on a sec. Uhh... Ah!

I suppose the question is, do you want significant change in your life? You have a job now that you enjoy, especially since you seem to like helping others with their projects so much. Teaching would satisfy that craving more, but as you mention, doing both could be an issue. I have a lawyer friend who teaches part time, one class a week. She loves it, but it does add a bunch of hours to her week. It also adds to her pocketbook, which is important too.

I personally would work more on getting more stuff published, and writing stuff that means a lot to you. (wtg!)

Either way, you rock. Listen to your muse...she knows what she's doing.