5 things I'm Grateful for: Detroit Edition

In the spirit of positivity, I've decided to share five things I'm grateful for in Detroit. Here goes:
  1. Detroit Red Wings: They were the first team my family started rooting for when we arrived in Detroit back in 1985. In my college years I loved writing for the Wings. They are sometimes called the "Yankees" of hockey, but that's really inaccurate. The Wings have tremendous scouting, especially in Europe. They also have an amazing front office headed by Kenny Holland and Jimmy D. The Yankees buy who they want, the Wings research, grow, wheel and then deal to make this a haven for those who crave championships.
  2. Detroit Tigers/Comerica Park: CoPa is my Tiger Stadium. I love going to the ballgame and whether the Tigers are going to the World Series or struggling to pull together a bullpen, I will always love to visit my favorite ballpark on earth.
  3. Wayne State University: OK, listen, this is one of the most important institutions in Detroit. I got my Library degree there and made a ton of contacts - everyone from librarians to archivists to lawyers. This is where Detroit's rebirth begins.
  4. Food & Beverage: Cass Cafe, Traffic Jam, Motor City Brewery, Old Campus, Wasabi, Detroit Beer Company, Foran's, Greenwich, Cobo Joe's, Jacoby's, Z's Villa, Circa, Lefty's, Hockeytown Cafe, Slow's (when they're not running out of pulled pork), and other fine dining establishments keep my belly happy.
  5. Beautiful Family; Beautiful Friends: Home is where the heart is and the heart is where my family and friends are. Detroit is the core of my existence, because this is where my favorite people live (well, most of them). Detroiters are like no one else and I love them (even if some of them are total jerks).


Symo said...

Knowledge IS cool! I look forward to reading your musings!

Symo said...

Oh, another thing... Yeah, this is a little sappy, so I apologize in advance.

I think it's awesome that you're so pro-Detroit(city!). You wear your heart on your sleeve, which in an age of exploitation that we are in now, I can empathize with that. It's hard to convince others that it WILL get better, but when it's from the heart, it always does. My eyes mist for you, Eva :) Keep up the good work yourself!

Eva G. said...

Thanks so much and no apologies necessary - I get a lil' sappy myself. I used to have a crappy attitude about the D, then I realized that a crappy attitude was just part of the problem. I wanted to be part of the solution. I love this place: the good, the bad, and the f-ugly.