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I have been a writer for many years in a variety of circumstances, but this last Monday was perhaps one of my biggest accomplishments and one of the coolest gigs ever. Newsweek published my essay about working at Southfield Public Library online.

A lot of people have asked me how I came across this opportunity. In a word: Twitter. I've heard a lot about how people think it's stupid and pointless, but I'm afraid I respectfully disagree. Being the podcast junkie I am, I was listening to Planet Money on NPR and learned about a little mini-contest they were running with Newsweek. The gist: tell us in a 140 characters or less how the recession affects you. This is how I got the gig:
@Newsweek The libraries in MI I work @ teem w/ patrons seeking work, foreclosure/credit info, job training, entertainment & hope. #rcstory
That's right. That wretched little scrum of characters got me a writing opportunity with Newsweek. Needless to say I see Twitter in a different light.

The article created a HUGE response. It's tremendous. I got emails from library students, directors, deans and, of course, all kinds of librarians. This is bigger than I expected, but I'm so happy that it received the attention it did. Not for me, but for the amazing profession that I am proud to say I am a part of.

What I heard a lot of, especially coming from library land, was "Thank You." Librarians have a reputation for being quieter and meeker than your average person (though I gotta' tell ya', that does NOT include the librarians I know :). I am neither quiet or meek and I will shout from the mountaintops about libraries and how much they rule. From the looks of it, librarians have approved of my message and the respect of my colleagues is priceless.

Hence, it is I who would like to say "Thank You!"

Thank you to the wonderful people at the University of Michigan's Mardigian Library for introducing me to the profession and planting the seed that would grow into a fruitful career.

Thank you to Wayne State University for providing me with a top-notch education in archives and librarianship. The experience, people, knowledge and opportunities at WSU continue to be a huge part of my life and work.

Thank you to Southfield Public Library for showing me how critical public libraries are to their respective communities.

Thank you to Newsweek for allowing me to share my story and Alan Wigodski, who took my picture.

Most of all, THANK YOU to all of the wonderful people who have contacted me about the article. Your support means more to me than I could ever put into words.

Much Love

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Emily Lloyd said...

Eva, I've just linked to your excellent column on LISNews.org--I also linked to your Twitter account, figuring it was okay since you advertised it here, didn't have a locked acct, etc. Please let me know, though, if you'd like it taken off (and my apologies if so)!

You can reach me at elloyd74@gmail.com