5 Positive Things

Lately I've been looking for ways to fend off negativity, please pardon the hippie-speak. I have found that a great way to lift negativity is to smile it off or scold myself out loud if I'm not around others. A technique I wished I used more often is taking time out to consider the day's gifts. Each time I do yoga I set an intention, but that is to start the day. Each day offers a lot and I'd like to try and reflect more on what those things are.

Someone retweeted a very simple question (@WritingSpirit retweeted @GlennaMageau for those keeping score): what are 5 positive things that happened in your life today? Here are mine:
  1. Hung out with a bunch of super fun people in the VIP section of a snazzy Detroit club.
  2. Made and enjoyed sandwiches for lunch and salmon with rice and peas for dinner.
  3. Completed my budget for April. I'm really starting to figure this finance junk out :).
  4. I slept in and then took a nap.
  5. Listened to a bunch of Business Week and Bloomberg podcasts.

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Dave said...

One very positive thing you should be luxuriating in is that Newsweek picked up your article and ran it. We at SPL are VERY proud of you! You did a great job!! - Dave