Year of Gratitude - Day 213 - Teachers: Mr. Bill Dummer

Mr. Dummer was one of the first, if not THE first, teacher I respected. Listen, back then I was a jerk, but I was always pretty smart. That combination wasn't great for a teen, but Mr. Dummer put me in my place while being an impactful teacher. He died on this day in  2006.

I had him in high school for American Literature. I should remember more than I do from that class, but I remember him introducing me to how I learn best - being challenged with intellectually deep dialogue and situations that required data collection and analysis. Mr. Dummer essentially taught me the first steps in reading and comprehending literature. I wish I had remembered more. I am tempted to go to my parents and try to find my high school notes (I know I have them). I could have used another half dozen teachers like him in high school.

Mr. Dummer died suddenly from what I understand was trauma to the brain. At the wake, I saw his brother, who looked EXACTLY like Mr. Dummer except for his white hair. He had Mr. Dummer's mannerisms, however, and that made me burst into tears. I was lucky to have had close interactions with Mr. Dummer. He changed my life and influenced many, many more.

Here is Mr. Dummer's death notice. I miss him very much and am extremely grateful to have had a teacher like him in my life.

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