Year of Gratitude - Day 161 - Dr. Strecher, Julia and the Dung Beetle

Yesterday at the Development Council at the University of Michigan, we heard an absolutely incredible speaker, Dr. Victor Strecher. He is the author of On Purpose, a graphic novel-like book that "shows that self-directed, positive change is possible and that pursuing a self-transcending life purpose is one of the keys."

His story is heartbreaking and inspirational. His message spoke to me so much that I sat with a frog in my throat and tear welling in my eyes. And, Dr. Strecher started talking existentialism.

He also has a website that helps you to start seeking and realizing your life's purpose. Check out: http://www.dungbeetle.org.

And check out the book, too: http://www.dungbeetle.org/buy-the-book/.

I am so grateful to have had the chance to hear Dr. Strecher speak.

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