Year of Gratitude - Day 130 - Twitter

Twitter offers up all kinds of stuff in a 140 characters or less. When I first started, I used it as a way to track words that I looked up. Then I started getting into news, creating lists, following comics and talking to other librarians. Right now Twitter is where I go to get the latest and greatest on Big Data. Live-tweeting hilarious situations is great. I don't really interact with that many people, but the way I use Twitter just continues to change. Heck, for the last year I've also been using another account for work!

One must be careful what one shares on Twitter. I just made my account public again after about a year because I was told that someone looked me up and felt I had very "colorful" language. I'm an adult. If I want to say "fuck" here and there, I can. I am sorry to those who are offended. Just kidding, I'm not sorry. You are more than welcome to ignore my existence, though.

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