Year of Gratitude - Day 81 - "You've probably never even watched Fox News"

A friend of mine challenged me with that statement: "You've probably never even watched Fox News." Indeed, he was right. Whenever it came on, I couldn't stand to watch it for long. While I like to keep my politics to myself, I will admit to being fairly liberal, so Fox News really isn't my jam.

However, as I grow older, I realize that I have to be much more diligent when gathering my news. My old news feeds were all liberal, left-leaning papers. So after my friend challenged me to get in a little Fox News, I decided to add their top news to my feed. Strangely enough, it's actually been pretty great. When you remove the talking heads, Fox News doesn't do too terrible of a job reporting the news. 

I am grateful to have friends with many different perspectives. These kinds of interactions are what keep me a life long learner.

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