Year of Gratitude - Day 30 - Fun with Gender

It is my fortune to have diverse friends. One of those friends regularly posts on Facebook about gender roles, LQTBQ, feminism and other such topics. I must imagine that some more conservative folks wouldn't be comfortable with these kinds of conversations, but I love them and I'm grateful that my friend shares this type of stuff.

Hence, I wanted to share three Instagram accounts that playfully juggle gender roles through photography. Nice work, gentlemen!

  • Keeping up with Mina - a young man who asks you to "walk a mile in my Louboutins" as he replicates celebrity photos, many as sultry as they are ridiculous. So great.
  • Bros Being Basic - a number of male models take hilarious photos that are typically done by silly young women. The hash tags are priceless. And, again, male models.
  • Tindafella - a very nice looking bearded man replicates the profile pictures of women on Tinder. Yikes, but still hilarious.

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