Year of Gratitude - Day 28 - First Piece of Cooking Advice

OK, so I realize that this is a very first world piece of advice that cannot be applied all over. However, at the time I heard it, I was at a place and point in my life that I needed to stop fearing failure. It was the first time someone told me, "If you mess up, just throw it away and start again." While that was the piece of cooking advice that would launch me into trying new recipes and foods without fear, it was also the start of me understanding that messing up is okay. Obviously if you make a habit of messing up, that's not, but it's okay to venture into the unknown, get schooled and live to learn another day.

Since that day, sometime in 2006, I haven't tossed too many dishes, but when I did, I did not feel guilt. Those experiences just added notches on the learning wall.

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