Year of Gratitude - Day 1 - Social Networks

I know this appears to be a pretty lame one to start the New Year with. The reason I'm so grateful for social networks is that they remind me of all the great people in my life. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and all the combinations all can still provide you with joy, support and knowledge. This is why I love social networks. We are scattered about and yet we get to still be a little part of each others lives.

My networks are so wonderful. I particularly love all my coworkers throughout the years. The estimated number of years an average person works is like a combined thirty years. THIRTY YEARS. Having rockin' coworkers is key. My coworker network includes librarians, fundraisers, journalists, executives, archivists, classmates and so many other interesting and great people to have worked with. It is excellent to have access to so much awesome by a mere click of a button.

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