Book Review: The Road

The RoadThe Road by Cormac McCarthy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All I knew going into this book was that it was bleak. And indeed, it delivered on that characterization. Strangely enough, I generally hate these kind of books - very few characters, no names for them, very little punctuation, no chapters and not much of a plot - I get bored quick. This book, however, reads very quickly. The dialog is short and sweet - I mean, what the heck are you gonna' talk about when it's the end of the world? There are brief moments of recall and random reflections, but they appear on maybe every fiftieth page and they are not that deep. Practically nothing happens, but I did not get frustrated. I wasn't even upset that you don't find out what happened to the world. The intense gloom and quick pace of this book made it just right. Just what the doctor ordered for the winter.

If you want a quick ride through a post-apocalyptic nightmare, this book is for you. Bleak. It is definitely that.

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