30 Days of Gratitude: Day 16 - Immigrant Memoir Group

A few years back, I scored a writing gig that I wanted to share with an old professor. Dr. Stockton was my political science professor at University of Michigan-Dearborn. He responded and invited me to an immigrant memoir writing group. The writings of this group would be preserved by the University Archives in Ann Arbor. While I'm still quite far from submitting to the archives, I think this is such an important project that will preserve the perspective of my generation's cultural experience.

My writing has gone slowly as I have been preoccupied with many things, but I am still so grateful to have met all of these people. Even though I came to the United States when I was three, making me pretty Americanized, I have been fascinated by the similarities of other immigrants growing up in America. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don't. Sometimes we cry and sometimes we laugh. We don't all know each other well, but we consider each other friends and have shared with each other intimate details of the immigrant experience. Most importantly, we listen to each other and learn from each other. It's a special group and I am most fortunate to be a part of it.

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