Book Review: A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones
By George R.R. Martin

OK, first off, no spoilers here, just a few general notes and thoughts of mine on this big ole book from 1996. It's the first of a seven book series and I'll usually just review the whole series, but a few thoughts won't hurt any.

Since I finished Harry Potter I have been seeking a good series, a more adult series, to guide my reading for a while. I was very happy to find another set of books in the same genre. I like the author's style and I really do enjoy the story so far. Moves quick and there's a handy appendix in the back for all the families and houses. However, I find that each chapter being named with each subplot's main character being very helpful in keeping the tangled story clear in my head. And, uh, yeah, this is quite adult.

So far, I'm intrigued. I'll read more, for sure. The first book was cruel and crude. I looked at the HBO cast and it appears that HBO decided to make everyone a little older, thank goodness. Many of these characters are all very young in the book, which made it a little extra creepy when reading the first story. There are egregious amounts of violence and foul deception, which is a good start for a good story, but, the sex. Geez, there is so much sex - incest, rape (so much rape), lovemaking, sex in the public, whores and dwarfs and sex, man, sex, sex, sex. Yikes. Yet, I still manage to get through the book and enjoy it, despite this obnoxious amount of sexual activity. They talk about food a lot, so that makes the sex forgivable is how I explain it to myself.

I am glad that I got to read the book before I start watching the series. It's always better that way!

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