Bless You Boys by Sparky Anderson

Earlier in this Tigers season, I read Bless You Boys, Sparky Anderson's diary of the 1984 World Champion Tigers. My husband claims I say this after every baseball book, but this is one of my favorite baseball books ever. I'm not usually a fan of the straight diary thing, but this book had a lot of great stuff about life, people and baseball. It was great summer reading, but it came just when the Tigers were going downhill in their current campaign. It made me long for that kind of a legendary team. And Sparky was an amazing individual. No Tigers fan should pass on reading this book. Here are little nuggets I shared on Twitter:
Sparky & his dad said: "There is one thing in this world that'll never cost you a dime, and that's being nice."

Sparky on 9/10/84: "The writers asked me about a letdown. They wanted to know if I was worried. Sometimes I worry about the writers."

In 'Bless you boys' Sparky said, "If I worried about every player who got upset, I'd be a raving maniac by now."

Sparky: "In baseball, you experience a lot of highs and also a lot of lows. It keeps you young. In baseball, you're a kid forever."

Sparky wrote in 'Bless You Boys' - "...I make sure I don't keep creeps around. Why would you spend seven months with a creep?"  (My favorite)

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