Adventures in Management - Winter 2011

In the realm of management, I am starting to really become interested in more complex research projects and how to effectively divide the work. Projects with a number of moving parts and a lot of cooks in the kitchen require a certain amount of direction, review and reporting and I think I'm still searching for that mix right now. I think I have a knack for delegating, but I would like to get into the literature a little more and see what I'm missing.

Reading has been a big focus of mine, but I haven't seemed to be able to capture enough time to sit down and absorb heavier stuff, like professional literature. I picked up two books by Scott Adams, the creator of the comic Dilbert and author of The Dilbert Principle and The Joy of Work. Admittedly, they're not the greatest books for positive managerial reading, but I've found a slightly different perspective on them. They are indeed hilarious, but The Dilbert Principle was written in 1996 and some of it still holds. I'm happy that Dilbert only reminds me of past jobs and not much relates to the present.

My job gets cooler as it gets more challenging. My department has been helping the entire division use information in a whole new way. We are reaching out and becoming more proactive. I think people are still getting used to our availability. We are using a variety of new and different tools. Our efficiency and productivity have increased. We just got an official new president, Allan Gilmour, for the next two years. It's definitely a time of growing at Wayne State. It's time for some healing in Detroit, finally.

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