Bicycle Diary: Michigander - Day 1

It did not take Marisa and I long to realize that we should have trained for this bike tour. This is my second and her 6th, 7th, maybe 8th? She's been trying to figure it out all day. Despite neither of us being rookies, we still rode into it unprepared training-wise.

With that said, we survived the first day from Indian River to Gaylord, which was a 29.64 mile ride. It was all on a lime stone trail and our bikes were whitened top to bottom. The entire trail, with few and short exceptions, was a delightful 1-2% grade all the way. My quads were a mess after that sneaky climb.

The trail itself was gorgeous. We were surrounded by trees, streams and wildflowers. We got rain instead of sunshine, but I took my raincoat off the last few miles because it was getting muggy.

The rain was an everpresent drizzle all day. Not enough to really be called steady, but certainly enough to get all your gear soaked. We got in early enough to set up before the next wave of precipitation, but both Marisa and I were having doubts about our tents. The rain might be done now and it's 10:30 at night.

The loud, crybaby child in the next tent has mercifully been silenced. I hear snores. I overheard a man say earlier that his wife snores like a drunken sailor. So do I and it is time to commence.

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