Reflections on the first twenty-some years

Life moves faster than hell. I can see why people are so intrigued by the mystique of memory, the accuracy of history, the perception of time and the characteristics of age. Today, I grow a year older. I took the day off for the first time in my working life. Upon reflection, I am surprised at how quickly life complicates itself and then works itself out and continues that strange cycle indefinitely. Here's what I was able to capture in a moment:
This is a summary of the first quarter (hopefully) of my life. Alcoholism is a tragedy. Struggle is a gift. This life is nothing without others, especially family. Listening is more important than speaking. Listening is different from just hearing. Writing heals. Cash Rules Everything Around Me. It is not absurd to believe in humanity, regardless of the current circumstances. I am enchanted by New York City. I am hopelessly in love with Detroit. My name is Eva that's what I got so far.
Today also made me wonder if people underestimate the power of social networking. Before today I think I might have even underestimated it a little myself. A lot of people left me a message on my Facebook and I was touched by all the well wishes. Many of those messages had a special note, a nickname, a funny suggestion on how to spend the day. Seeing all the folks who responded was like taking a trip back through time and the nostalgia made me happy. I'm finding this to be the whole point of today. I have lived another year and it was great.

Finally, each birthday I look at how much I've progressed on my life goals. These are some of my fun-based goals.
  • Go to all 30 MLB ballparks (it's actually more due to new parks opening up). Current count is seven: Comerica Park (Detroit), Progressive Field, or as I know it: Jacobs Field (Cleveland, OH), Great American Ballpark (the 'Nati, OH), Minute Maid Park (Houston, TX), Old Yankee Stadium (NYC), US Cellular Field (The Chi), Wrigley Field (The Chi).
  • Go to all 30 NHL stadiums. So far only four: Detroit, Chicago, Nashville and Columbus.
  • Go to a World Cup, preferably in North America or Europe.
  • Read a book weekly.
  • Ride a thousand miles (or more!) each year on my bike.

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