5 things I'm Grateful for: Baseball Edition

Now that summer finally decided to show up in Detroit and the Tigers are doing fairly well (when they're at home :-/ ), I thought I'd like to share some of the things in regards to baseball that I love.
  1. The book Red Smith on Baseball. Red Smith was an amazing writer and his columns about baseball are awesome. Very entertaining and well-written.
  2. Keeping score. I thought it was nostalgia at first, but I realized I keep to pay attention to the game and to keep my memories dear with additional notes. I come up with creative shortcuts, like drawing a pickle instead of documenting each players touch in that situation. Rainouts/delays generally end in "Mother Nature FAIL." I tape all my ticket stubs into my scorebook.
  3. Comerica Park in Detroit, MI. This is still my favorite park and I've been to Tiger Stadium, Houston, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Wrigley, the home of the other Chicago team, old NY Stadium, the Mudhens facility and a few Spring training spots in Florida. CoPa is by far still the place to be.
  4. Curtis Granderson. He's my Tiger.
  5. And last, but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST - these two friggin' guys. Mario Impemba and Rod Allen. These guys are the voice of Detroit baseball for me.Their broadcasts exponentially grow my love for the game each season.

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