Flint, MI: No, Rush, we're not going to tear down, jerk

The other day I heard an interesting New York Times Today's Business podcast about Flint, MI. The podcast was from April 21, but I couldn't locate it outside of iTunes, so I looked up this article. Basically, they are trying to save Flint by shrinking it. The idea is to consolidate it's residents by gently persuading them to move. I don't know how "gentle" it really is, since they're basically going to cut off city services to certain blocks. So if you would like a nice sidewalk, you would have to move to the areas of town that are being tended to. The article briefly mentions it and the podcast goes into the talk of turning the decrepit neighborhoods into forests. My first thought was: this might be a model for Detroit. I mean, Wayne County has like 7000 acres of land banks - throw in a little forest!

Also, I'd like to take this moment to tell Rush Limbaugh to fly a kite. What an unfortunate human being.

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