Book Review: Good Poems for Hard Times

Good Poems for Hard Times
Edited by Garrison Keillor

As soon as I stumbled upon this book, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. For one, Garrison Keillor is amazing. I recommend listening to the Writer's Almanac podcasts. I have found that when I think of Keillor, I think of great poetry and literature.
This collection was so great that I asked my library to purchase it. The collection is also incredibly relevant now. There is something for everyone. From the saddened artist, to the struggling parents, to those that have lost someone, to those shivering in the winter cold.
There are poems that inspire and motivate (To A Frustrated Poet - Ellmann). There are those that chronicle the path to death (Last Poem - Berrigan). There are those that capture love (In Paris with You - Fenton & The Love Cook - Padgett). Other poems wallow through misery others through a happy nostalgia. Winter is a also common theme. Some of my favorite poems were about the simplest joys in life (Ode to My 1977 Toyota & In Praise of My Bed - Holmes).
Highly recommended to read and read aloud.

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