Not ready for one job

Writing is all about rewriting and this instance is no exception. When I got a new full time job, I decided that I would keep all of my jobs. I currently have five. Next week I'll be working well over 60 hours.

When I told people that this was what I was intending to do this, they all looked at me like I was crazy. I now know that I was. Before I realized that, though, I got defensive. You should have read this post about a week ago. It was: "Why don't people get me?" "Why do people doubt me?" Boo, hoo, hoo.

My problem is this: I think I know everything well before I actually experience it. What I thought this time around was that working a full time job and four part time gigs was manageable. In fact, it is, but not without some sacrifice and a side of blood, sweat and tears. Slight exaggeration, pardon, but you get my drift.

In the original post, I complained that explaining myself was tedious and I was getting tired of it. Now I understand the strange glances and confused questions. What I'm doing right now is bananas. It's very, very difficult. I'm not the one to admit I'm having a hard time with anything, but this experience has really made me take a step back and give my lifestyle a nice long look.

Nonetheless, I have an explanation for my mad behavior. I am going to alter my work schedule as I need to. For the time being, though, I'm going to roll up my sleeves and finish what I have begun.

So, to help some people understand my decision making:
  • Career A.D.D. I haven't had just one job since I was 18 years old; I'm 26. I've juggled at least two since then and have only gained as I went along.

  • Challenge. If it's too easy, I tend to lose interest quick. I find that be keeping multiple jobs, well of challenge never runs dry.

  • Variety. This bullet point could combined with the one prior, but I really like my workday to be a diverse experience. I like to connect with people on a variety of levels, whether it be about their library experience, the writing craft or hockey.

  • Yes I can! Another reason that I work so many jobs is, well, because I can. I'm good at time management and I like my work - all of it. I love libraries, researching, writing, hockey...the whole nine yards. Why would I give up so many good things? It's like giving up cheese - no thanks!

  • Money is awesome. This goes without saying, really. I don't work for free. Volunteering stopped a few years back. And I gots to get paid. I have bills, ok? I'm looking to get my behind out of debt and FAST! Hanging out with friends and relaxing sounds absolutely delightful, however friends don't pay the bills and neither does relaxing. I like having a roof over my head. I want to start traveling again, buy running shoes, and pay off my student loans. And I love the work I do, which gives me money to accomplish these grown-up feats. It's quite simple.
It's not quite that simple. The money is great, sure, but it's been a rough ride. Nothing worth the fight is ever easy, so I'm battling on, but it's taking some getting used to. So, dear friends, I'll see you on the other side. I will miss you for a bit. Tell my books I miss them. Tell sleep I long for its beautiful spell. Tell exercise I swear I will learn to wake early. Tell my diet I haven't forgot my promise.

This is not easy, but I'll be damned if I end up a quitter. There's people out there that bust their humps for less and would think that I'm not only a crybaby for not embracing all this work, but plain stupid for not taking the opportunities when financial doom and gloom surrounds us.

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