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Somewhere in the virtual universe there lies a blog that instructed me to do something along the lines of this: Think about what your favorite author is. Now write why you think that without looking at his/her writing. This gave me yet another reason to have a Ray Bradbury love fest.

So why do I love Ray Bradbury? Many reasons have formed since my buddy Carlie recommended Fahrenheit 451 a couple years back. It was a strange fit because I'm not into reading horror at all. I wouldn't call all of Bradbury's books horror, but some of his work is quite disturbing. I'm awful tense when I read his writing, much like when I read Edgar Allan Poe's. I love it. I love the discomfort they create and I love the imagination they shake to attention. Other times the chill comes late, minutes after I finish reading the last word of a story.

With Bradbury, I think that I've been learning more about him as a writer and as a man. In Zen in the art of writing Bradbury takes you an inspirational writer's ride. He talks about his techniques in full detail and gives clear, enjoyable advice for all writers.

I learned more about him in the last year or so and found that he was born a Midwesterner and moved to California. He started small with stories, but managed to fund a family. When I learned about his writing techniques and routines, it seemed as though his writing career was an adventure. I'm sure it was. Even his writing about writing is magnificent.

Perhaps the reason I love Ray Bradbury most is that he made me play with my imagination again. Since learning about nonfiction writing in the form of journalism, my creative side's well ran dry of stories and poetry. Every time I read Bradbury's work I feel refreshed and ready to write. And if at all possible, write with the same zest and passion that he writes with.

I think there's probably more reasons I love Ray Bradbury, but I'll save it. Besides, Ray Bradbury has his own tag on this blog.

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