Book Review: Time to Write

Time to Write
by Kelly Stone

This book was a bummer, but it wasn't the book's fault entirely. There was nothing particularly earth-shattering about writing. The quotes were bad, the insight from the authors was very limited, their responses seemingly generic.

Another fault of this book is the list of online resources in the back; they were atrocious. There's about a thousand better blogs and writing resources online, but those listed in the back of this book were outdated, poorly designed, all about the money and some links didn't even work! I understand that making income off writing is important, but there's multiple times in this book where the author talks about writing whether you're published or not. Writing not matter what - that's the theme of the book and then she lays these super lame websites on me.

And, finally, for being a book about writing, it was pretty badly written. I suppose the only thing that did for me was make me think, "Aw, hell, I could write a book like that."

Nonetheless, I did manage to take a couple of notes on what I thought was most important:
  1. Make a writing schedule.
  2. Set a specific Vision for your writing.
  3. Create a list of topics to write about.
  4. Create list of past experiences and unique perspectives you've gathered.
  5. Review publications that could be possible buyers of your work.
As you can see, nothing earth-shattering. In fact, a couple of no-brainers. In Stone's defense, I admit that I began reading Ray Bradbury's Zen in the Art of Writing right in the midst of Time to Write. Bradbury touches on all of the points listed, but with so much more style and passion. Or as he would say it, with "zest" and "gusto". When I read Ray Bradbury, that is the time my Muse comes out to play. It is when I have trouble pulling away from his writing to get to my own, though I can hear the urge to write in my mind grow louder with each word. If I could be half the writer Bradbury is, I'd finally consider myself a decent writer. OK, I'm sorry, my gushing over Bradbury stops here (for now). Back to "the other one."

Time to Write was more of a self-help book for writers than a tool. All the cheer leading and "Believe in yourself" stuff didn't really apply. I believe in myself. I've been published. The book did make me realize that I have to discipline myself more, but all around, the book didn't really talk to me. Like I said, there were a couple of alright points that, although I had heard before, probably needed to hear again.

My official opinion: meh, pick up a Ray Bradbury book.


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well done Eva.

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I refuse.