Weekend Knowledge: Women Callers on the Jim Rome Show

A short disclaimer for this particular post: I'm not a feminist. Never have been, never will be. However, it's always good to hear the ladies step their game up, as happened in this instance. Further, if you don't listen to the Jim Rome show, you should. However if you don't, you'll probably not understand a lot of the lingo in this post. Rome is a national sports guy and if you don't like sports, well, I'm sorry I guess.

I was catching up on my Jim Rome podcasts, I happened to stumble upon an "all-female" call-in fest from June 30. In the third hour of his show, Rome only took calls from women and it started BADLY. I believe the analogy was "nails scratching chalkboard" or something to that effect. It was painful and the first 4-5 women were lame. Mind you, that last sentence was an understatement.

Rome insisted on continuing with the estrogen jammed calls and I thought it would tank, but I was mistaken. The calls got stronger and stronger.

First, Rachel from Houston, a caller who I absolutely adore on the Rome Show, called in and provided some fantastic Ron Artest smack. Rachel from Houston is just fantastic and the dudes on the Jim Rome show HATE here. Baring in mind that I am not a feminist, I really do think that the Jim Rome show is an extremely hostile atmosphere for any females, but ESPECIALLY for a caller like Rachel. She's really smart, knows her sports smack and clearly, CLEARLY is a better caller than 95% of Rome's retarded wannabe smack spinsters. Hence, she gets lots of resentment from dudes that are doomed to be very mediocre in comparison at best. Plus, she sounds like she has a job and a life, which is more than I can say for most of the losers that call in trying to impress the Pimp in the Box. I will celebrate the day that she wins the Smack Off.

Oh, and she also gives me one, small reason to not wish complete and utter destruction on Houston and the state of Texas as a whole. Sorry, I just hate that state. Maybe I need to see more of it, but what I have seen stinks. I digress. Bottom line: Rachel is the best female caller in the Jungle - hands down. She's probably top 3 as far as intelligent, smack-saturated takes.

Then, Kim from San Diego called and gave a good point that there's a lot of women listeners who are just a little too nervous to call into the hostile, testosterone filled Rome show, but we are out there. She then proceeded to provide a nice quick quip (a.k.a. mini-smack for you not-so-learned clones) on Brett Favre to impress Romey. She was nervous. She had a great take. She got racked.

Finally, Christine in Portland Basically said that women don't need to bring smack, bring each other down, have "Augusta National" clubs, and prove we're better than the next guy. We like to listen and enjoy.

I slightly disagree. Frankly, I DO enjoy the smack I hear on Rome, because nothing is better then some male-on-male violence. This very well could explain why I think Mixed Martial Arts is the greatest thing to ever hit the TV screen. Sorry boxers, but you're pretty fairy princesses in comparison. However, I'd looooove to watch Floyd Mayweather get his brains beat out in a cage match trying to prove me wrong. That'd be sweet. OK, again, I digress. I disagree on not enjoying the smack passed around on the show, but agree that I would not generally have the gall to actually toss around a little of my own. Nonetheless, Christine's take was excellent - clear, to the point and not scripted like many of the Jungle's loser callers.

At this point Rome reminded everyone never to confuse the listener with the caller. There's a lot of women that listen, but don't call. The last few callers of this show were phenomenal. They were women and they stepped their game up. Dudes, don't be haters, just shut up and bring it. I shall listen intently.

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