Cheap, Free, Fun: Disc Golf

OK, here's the deal: I suck at disc golf. Badly. Yet, I cannot hate on disc golf for a multitude of reasons. Here's a few:
  • It's outdoors. As a Michigander, if you can do something outdoors in the summer - YOU SHOULD. You've got plenty of time to sit inside and shelter yourself from the cold, sad winter months.
  • It's cheap - no, wait - it's FREE! Well, most of the time it's free. A lot of parks have disc golf courses built in them.
  • It's cheap - part deux. Have you ever bought a set of golf clubs? With a bag? And balls? And a glove? (Me neither, but I did score an AWESOME hand-me-down of such treasures!) However, had my cousin decided she wasn't going to have a bunch of children and give up golf, I'd never afford it. In fact, I still can't afford it. With disc golf, you'll need: discs ($12-25), gas money to get there (ok, maybe it's not THAT cheap) and buddies.
  • Exercise. Need to stop being fat? Do you at least want to get a little more active? Well, as with golf, you can get lots of walking in with an 18-hole disc golf course. As stated, I suck badly at this disc golf business, but even just hanging out, watching others suck badly and walking with the gang is fun and a workout.

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