Today's Knowledge: We are not alone in dire times

There's about 4,503,299,203,181 reasons I love National Public Radio (NPR). One of those reasons is that I can podcast episodes and listen to them whenever. This is the case with what I'm about to share.

It is no secret that we are in an economic crisis. I'm not afraid to call it what it is: it's a recession and I bet it's teetering on depression if you go to the right neighborhood. Granted, I'm not economist, but I see the writing on the wall. Food prices have gone through the roof. Needless to say I'm on a strict diet of "whatever-the-hell-I-can-afford." Energy prices as always rise in the summer. Although I have a delightful central air conditioning system, my significant other and I have indeed endured some sweaty days to save dough. And gasoline, well, don't even get me started on gas prices. Then of course there's the mortgage crisis, unemployment, failing schools, corrupt politicians...the list of rough stuff is a beefy one.

Though sometimes I feel like I'm the only one in the world struggling along, I know that's not true. I am surviving. I am living, not in luxury, but living happily. There are some parts of my life that have changed and I've accepted those changes as necessary. I shake my head at those who still roll in SUVs and I scoff at those who speed on the highway. I take my bike when I can. I plan out dinners in advance, making sure to go grocery shopping only when I need to and get only what I will use. No room for waste. No money for it, either.

When I heard this June 19th podcast called Voices on the Economy it comforted me. I am not alone in this struggle and neither is anyone else. People are changing all around me and the times, they too are a changing. This is a great 10-minute podcast and it will help you cope if you, too, are finding that you must change.

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