Ode to BlackBerry

I don't need a simple life. I love technology. Even though my knowledge of technology barely scratches the surface, I am a slave to it. When I hear folks talk about the "old days" and "back before computers" a chill runs down my spine. I like life packed with about a million things, otherwise boredom inevitably sets in. What can I say? I'm a Millennial and I have the attention span of a miniature poodle. You might call it crazy, but it's an everyday thing for a lot of people.

I digress. Once, iPod was my most prized electronic gadget. That was before the BlackBerry came into my life. While the iPod helped settle my craving for news, yoga and music, its functionality came nowhere near that of the BlackBerry (BB). Here are my reasons:

It should be no surprise that I downloaded the entire Google package to my BB. I can quickly access Google searches. Google maps helps me find my way around, because I generally can't find my way out of a cardboard box. My Google calendar syncs with the BB calendar (though it misbehaves sometimes). And, of course, I need 'round the clock access to my email.

Beyond the Google goods, there's a memo pad that I use obsessively for everything from book review notes, to work-related projects, to poetry. And the to-do list has effectively crushed my procrastination habit. I enjoy the fact I can filter my tasks by category, assign them priorities and due dates, and add notes.

On a slight side note, I found that the new iPhone STILL doesn't have a copy-and-paste function. What's up with that, Steve Jobs??? I use copy and paste constantly on the BB. It just seems like a really useful option that isn't difficult to implement.

In addition to have access to all my email, I also enjoy the ability to check the weather, read news and chat. Chatting on mobile GTalk actually saves me money. Though people love to text, I'm not a fan. Hence, instead of blowing a bunch of dough on individual texts, I can have a written conversation with anyone that's on their Gmail.

Is Kansas City the capital of Missouri? What does ennui mean? Do we have this book at the library? How did the last out of the 3rd inning happen? What quantity of sesame seeds are called for in this recipe?

These are all questions that I answered by using my BlackBerry. At first, it took getting used to the fact some websites have a mobile view and others don't. Then, my buddy's husband found Opera Mini, a magnificent browser that allows you too look at basically any web page and switch from mobile to regular web views. The web is wide open for the mobile user.

My iPod is still the reigning champ of entertainment, but the BB does provide a camera. Having one on hand at all times is great fun. True, the picture quality is not amazing, but it still gets the job done. There are games, but I'm not too into those. BB also allows for various audio media, but I save my memory by keeping that kind of stuff left on the iPod.

Oh, and I can make phone calls on it, too.

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