Ideas for a funner NHL All-Star Game...

Just the other day I was commenting to my significant other about how All-Star Games in general stink. I referenced the Pro-Bowl in Hawaii. Seriously, the fact the National Football League's finest would be congregating on that gorgeous island still doesn't spark even a wee bit of interest in me. There's better things to do in Hawaii than watch a glorified game of flag football.

I opened my email today and found that the Hockey News came up with about 56 ideas of their own about how to make the National Hockey League's All Star Game a bit more "razzle-dazzle." In his blog, Jason Kay provides a sneak peek, the first of these examples is probably my favorite. And as for the third example: the idea of throwback jerseys is ALWAYS a good plan. I look forward to see what else they came up with when my mag comes in the mail.
  1. Pit the 29-and-under all-stars against the 30-and-older all-stars. Pride would be on the line, especially for the old guys who may want to prove Sid and Alex ain’t necessarily all that.
  2. The biggest problem with the all-star game is the absence of any defense or grittiness, so provide incentive for at least some conscientious play. Award bonus points for blocked shots, takeaways (including on the forecheck), blocked passes etc. Once you accumulate a pre-determined number, your team gets a penalty shot.
  3. Scrap the conference jerseys. They’re meaningless and leave me cold. Instead, have the home team wear throwback jerseys from the city in which they’re playing (this year, it’d be the East in Atlanta Flames togs), while the visitors would wear old school sweaters as selected in an online vote by fans. My first pick would be the Oakland Seals.

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