Michigan: Tell your legislators you want library funding back!

This came through the email. Librarians and library patrons alike should drop their legislators a note this holiday season asking them to restore $2 million in funding. If you're unsure where to start with contacting your legislator, check out my old blog post "Make yourself heard, make yourself count".

State Supplemental Budget Update - What Can You Do?
The State of Michigan is expected to have $50-$100 million remaining when they close the 2006-07 books. MLA, working with library leaders in key districts, is lobbying to restore library funds cut this year. Originally, the Legislature was expected to vote on a supplemental budget bill in December. That vote was postponed, pending a review of the state's finances. If you see your state legislator over the holidays, tell them you're aware of the potential for a supplemental budget bill and that library funding should be restored. Ask for their vote to make library funding whole by restoring $ 2 million.

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