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NBC News Surveys State of Black Women
News & Notes, November 26, 2007 · In its weeklong series, NBC News will take a look at some important issues shaping the lives of black women in America.

Mayors Take Action as Texas Slacks on Climate
All Things Considered, November 26, 2007 · Texas is the country's largest emitter of global warming gases. But the state's political leaders say climate change isn't a problem and have blocked even minor efforts to address the issue. That has prompted the mayors of some of the state's biggest cities — including influential Republicans — to take the issue into their own hands.

Strange Science: Dust (VIDEO PODCAST)
Published: Nov 10, 07
Dust is everywhere but what is it actually made of?

Strange Science: Magnetism (VIDEO PODCAST)
Published: Nov 3, 07
What do sunspots, mass extinctions, and your bad mood have in common?

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