Coal plants firing mess all over the world, from all over the world.

During some of my past research, I learned how bad coal-firing plants are to the environment. Their emissions contain all types of horrible particulates that embed themselves in acid rain, soil and contributes to more ozone by increasing cloud cover. Thing is, I thought that this was well known and industry was trying to find other sources. Wrong! Turns out, due to it's abundance and low cost (monetarily speaking), it's the preferred fuel all over the world.

And China's booming economy is also a booming polluted mess. Shortly, they will take our place as the world's foremost polluter. Check out these bits of article.

TAIYUAN — It takes five to 10 days for the pollution from China's coal-fired plants to make its way to the United States, like a slow-moving storm.

It shows up as mercury in the bass and trout caught in Oregon's Willamette River. It increases cloud cover and raises ozone levels. And along the way, it contributes to acid rain in Japan and South Korea and health problems everywhere from Taiyuan to the United States.

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