Picture ID's required for voting in Michigan

Ripped completely from an email by T-Bone, my homie. Great, great information:

Many cities and townships that we live in will be holding elections this November 6. I encourage you all to vote in every election you can, even the ones you might consider to be inconsequential. You can find information about the candidates for local offices from the League of Women Voters. Those of you in Oakland County can find Voter Guides at www.lwvoa.org. In addition, the League holds Candidate Forums, where you can see the candidates in person and hear their answers to your questions. Information about Candidate Forums can also be found on our web site. These are the people who are making decisions that effect the place in which you live.

When you show up to the polls this November 6, make sure you bring your driver's license or other picture ID. "Due to a recent Michigan Supreme Court ruling, every Michigan voter who wants to vote at the polls must show a picture identification or sign an affidavit that he or she is not in possession of picture identification. This statute was originally passed by the Legislature in 1996 but never took effect because the Attorney General declared the provision unconstitutional. Due to recent US Supreme Court decisions, the Legislature enacted the provision again and requested that the Supreme Court issue an advisory opinion on its constitutionality. That July 18, 2007, ruling is the reason photo ID will be requested of voters beginning with this November election. People who do not have a picture ID will still be able to vote by signing a statement that they do not have one, and they will then be able to vote as usual. This includes people who have aphoto ID but do not bring it with them to the polls. However, a person who has an ID and refuses to show it will not be able to vote. Similarly, someone who does not have an ID, and refuses to sign the affidavit indicating that they do not, will not be given a ballot." (from the Oakland Voter, the LWVOA's newsletter).

Some groups, including the League of Women Voters, are opposed to this rule and are working to end it, but that is unlikely to happen before November 2008. Spread the word to bring picture ID to the polls.

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Omega said...

I was carded at the polls today. Fortunately, I always have my license on me when I'm out. I'm still rather pissed off though. If this rule was found unconstitutional 11 years ago, how can it suddenly be allowed today? Let me guess, the War on Terrorism and illegal immigration and all the other excuses the authoritarians pull out of their ass.